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Many people start thinking about if they should have the duct work in their home or business cleaned. The answer is YES! Duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality & enhance the efficiency of your heating system. With energy cost on the rise, it makes sense to advance airflow & system efficiency by cleaning the trapped pollutants out of your air ducts. Your family will breathe cleaner air during the heating season, an added benefit for allergy/asthma sufferers & those runny noses. Be careful, not all duct cleaners are the same. Cheaper does not always mean better.

Believe it! Duct Cleaning with San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning can really make a DIFFERENCE!
Air duct cleaning may require cleaning the components of forced air systems within the home. The parts that function to supply heat and air into the home may include fan motors, registers, drip pans, ducts, etc. Like any other part of the home, air ducts can collect dirt or be prone to other contagions.

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San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning cleaning process may entail specialized tools to dislodge debris. The debris is then removed with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Chemicals may also be applied that are designed to kill any microbiological contagions. A sealant may also be applied to inhibit any mold growth. It is recommended that customers discuss all of their options with a qualified service provider to establish what works best for your home.

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Cleaning air ducts may also progress the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. It is important to note that when having air ducts cleaned, a qualified professional cleans all of the components of the system. If cleaning is not performed appropriately, re-contamination of the entire system may occur.

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If mold is noticeable inside the ducts or on other components of the system, it may be time to have the air ducts cleaned. It is important to find out what is causing the mold to grow and correct this problem as well. If the source is not identified, the mold will return and the cleaning will be useless. The existence of vermin such as rodents or insects also may indicate a need for cleaning. A large build up of dust and other particles should also be cleaned out. This prevents clogging of the system.

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Do You Know How to Check Your Air Quality?
When is the last time you have checked your air filters? Have you ever seen what lurks in your air ducts? Did you know impurities in your ducts can cause allergies, respiratory infections and disease? Have an air duct professional come inspect your Diamond Bar home. 
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